by Verge of Umbra

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released January 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Verge of Umbra belize

A live band from Belize that fuses vocal and instrumental elements of hip hop & reggae with rock & heavy metal. Our influences range from In Flames, Soilwork, Metallica and Pantera to Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Cypress Hill and Wutang Clan. Currently, Verge is touring Central America promoting their debut album titled V.O.U. released on January 1st 2016. ... more

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Track Name: The Deluge
The Deluge
Here we go again. High up in the sky we're floating.
Verse 1
A calm day ruled but something brewed and the animals knew that a pace was set
A tension grew in the atmosphere, winds picked up to the speed of a jet
Panic ensued in humanity’s mood with fear no knowing what would come next
The least we could do is stack up on food, bolt our doors and hope for the best

It ripped and it ruptured, it gashed and it tore
A hole, in my spirit, it damaged the core
shit like this neva happened before
Fucked our peace up to havoc & war

I deh pan di edge all the time, I deh pan di edge
I deh pan di edge I di fuck wid my head

Verse 2
Running from I don't know what but I remain, gunning cause I don't know how to ease the pain.
The type a living that you've always been accustomed to, is null and void it’s back to the hills with all wi customs to. The gun slingers disappointed come with nuff guns to; but da no physical war that's all it comes down to.

This a fight to survive
it felt like it’s spite from divine
when nature decides to remind
and return us to primal design
When the water subsided saw fear eena the eyes of the deprived.
No one could hide it. They were brought back to a time where only soldiers could survive,
and when they finally realized,
All hell broke loose; that’s when the violence ignited.

I remember night and day rain in abundance like we prayed & danced for more
Floods came with a vengeance as it raged pass the shore
deluge death sentence, first the reaper thrashed the floors
The it rose above our heads and slashed our souls to the core

It breached, it ruptured, gashed, it tore
A hole, in my spirit, sense of secure
Made my life difficult, it came and ripped us up X2
Made our lives difficult, it came and ripped us up
Made my life difficult, it came and ripped us apart
Track Name: All the way down
Here I sit with mad eyes and a sad soul
It’s you devotion, I wish I had more
Cause every time I try to grab hold
Plenum slips and slides out of control


Steps I take to bring me close to peace, pushes me all the way to the edge; pushes me all the way down.
Steps I take to bring you back to me, pushes you all the way to the edge; pushes you all the way down.

Verse 1
My relationship with God at best, is distant
I’ve been in pain, he never came to my assistance
Agnostic now, though I was raised Christian
Genocide and poverty made me question his existence
For me to be on this track is hypocritical
But on the flipside I do feel spiritual
Way beyond religion, far past the church
I give praise and respect for the creation of earth
With very little knowledge of the maker or keeper
I pray to get me close, meditate to get me deeper
Investigate to find we’re vibrations in the ether
Taking a leap of faith trying to reach a…
Better sense of self but it ends being exhausted
No feeling after this besides being in a coffin
Even believing the talking of Stephen Hawking
Big bang with no God for me to see beyond it


Verse 2
Rally round the other side; transform to a whole new demon, a whole new parasite. A shoulda follow my mind but I got blind side by the thought that I could do right; and jump off to a new life. But in hind sight, it was a mess from the day that you said I was bordering the edge of a new fight. It seems clear nowadays I’m peaceful. My wusas' coming hand over feet do. My peers tell me i'm rugged and i'm a beast too. Is there any other way that I can please you. Leave a message in the message box please do. I keep thinking I could make it all better yo. But some days things tough without the cheddar yo. Phenomenal rhyme skills make me better though. I'm being pushed to the edge and a neva know.




In another nother life time, I wanna be the lone bass line fi blow yo blow yo damn mind. Thats right. Thats right. Thats right

Track Name: Darkest of Days
darkest of days
Hope to reach a stage my hearts in such a blaze
That it illuminates darkest of days
Darkest of hours, hardest of times
I become the power, I become the light
Ascend beyond the miseries of life
Eternal high and I don’t need a vice
Find a purpose that redefines
But in this dark is no ladder I can see to climb

Verse idea
Been this way and I’ve…been this way
Doubt just weighs on my mind, I’m afraid
All my life I’ve been this way
Cursed and blessed beyond my days
Break these chains on my life, break these chains
I’ve already lost the fight, it’s a shame
Die or I burst into flames
I can’t see no other way
A way… Some way… some day…

I’m worn out at being empty
I’m just tired of feeling stuck
Im also tired of pretending
On the verge of giving up
But, I can’t so I will
Get up from all the way down
I just…hope I…find a way out
Track Name: Judgement City
Verse 1
I just arrived when the sun come down to perform at a function in judgment town
Picked up in a ride weh mi comfort down, taken to the north side concert grounds
Push out a vibes weh di people mi love, peace and love, being as one
Completely emerged in the beat and the sound, rock through the night till we bring in the sun
When the sun came a change had occurred, a revelation with the day had emerged
A realization they had to return to a lower vibration of pain and hurt
Rich in appearance but poor inside, they keep the façade up for tourist’s eyes
Judgment city, I adore the design but the architecture at the core is a lie

Judgment City is almost painted, newly constructed to be destructive
The frills and the frauds are all in place, the only thing left fi we go do dah get up and face it

They spend their lives, maintaining this paradigm

Verse 2
All I can say when we left that place, we gave them a taste of a freedom
No matter how deep in material realm, we are never too far to achieve it
Close your eyes, deep, slow, start with your breathing
Pessimistic views that we’ve been keeping that leech us, we can delete them
See things as they are, not how we’ve been taught to perceive them
The ego falls with this treatment, the heart takes the lead
And a peace is received we cannot achieve through material beliefs
Gluttony, anger, envy and greed, it’s a pity
Trailing the vain and the pretty
Anesthetizing the eyes of the many still hypnotized by the lights of the city

Judgment City is almost painted, newly constructed to be destructive
The frills and the frauds are all in place, the only thing left fi we go do dah get up and face it

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